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    Rod Holder with adjuster

      • Rod Holder with adjuster

    Conveniently position your rod holder with adjuster closer to you on your kayak or your downrigger to eliminate reaching for your rod. Having your hands free when fishing is really important. Keeping your rod secure while you are busy doing other things is equally important. The best fishing rod holders will not only secure your rods, but, they can also help you catch fish. Some rod holders just keep your rod out of the way, while others can pivot and swivel. You can use some of these holders to troll at just the right angle to get a better fishing grip. With the rocking of a boat or kayak and the help of a rod holder, you can even use them to jig for bottom fishing. Using a rod holder also allows you to rotate while fishing  avoiding wear and tear on the fishing rod when a large fish strikes. Adjustable rod holders that rotate, tilt or or lock into position offer good value with a lot of convenience for small or large boats.

    Rod Holder with adjuster


    1-1/2'' etc. ( Customizable)

    The mirror surface can be absolutely bright and smooth by polishing, no dig or burr

    Hardware for ship and yacht

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